LHDNO and the Leinkauf School Partnership

LEAP stands for Leinkauf Elementary School Arts Project. It is a an after-school and summer arts program designed to ensure high quality, expanded learning opportunities which occur outside of regular school hours for children in a safe and sound educational environment. 

The LEAP program, began in the 2nd half of the 2016-2017 school year at Leinkauf Elementary School and includes the visual arts, music, dance, chorus and theatre.


Leinkauf Historic District Neighborhood Organization was invited by Leinkauf Elementarty Administration to become a primary partner with the school, as they applied for the 21st Century Learning Center Grant (CCLC). The CCLC program is a large after-school program encompassing not only the Visual and Performing Arts, but offerings such as Robotics, Martial Arts, Computers and many more enrichments opportunities and classes, provide a broadened curriculum to students. LHNDO's community partnership will contribute to the development of a vision and plan for the ARTS portion of the program (LEAP), and help provide funds and resources for the LEAP program over the course of the CCLC program and to expand and sustain the program after the 3 year grants funding ends. 

As primary partners with Leinkauf Elementary School, the Leinkauf Neighborhood Organization is reaching out to the community to help us reach our goal of creating a sustainable After School Arts Program for years to come, that we can be proud of. 

We invite you to donate to LEAP, to support our community school and its students. Leinkauf Historic District Neighborhood Organization holds at least one fundraiser each year to provide support to the program. Additionally, donations can be made directly to the LEAP program, through the Leinkauf Historic District Neighborhood Organization. 

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