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Covid-19 Announcements and online links

A compilation of announcements about Covid-19, including online links for news, services, closing, hours, etc.

Downtown Mobile Alliance Updates on food service options (pick up, delivery, etc)

Senior Hours posted: Publix - Weds and Thurs morning 7-8am

Mobile Rundown event announcements, miscellaneous city news:

City of Mobile Covid-19 Updates

Winn Dixie -Dear Winn‑Dixie Customers, We are doing our best to protect those who are most vulnerable. Starting today, all Winn‑Dixie stores and pharmacies will reserve shopping between 8am-9am for seniors and those most at risk of contracting COVID-19. This reserved hour for stores and pharmacies will be in effect Monday – Friday only. As we continue to show our neighbors that we care, please keep in mind some thoughtful shopping habits: 1) Limit your purchases to what you or your family needs right now 2) Keep a safe distance from other shoppers and be aware of those around you 3) If you're buying an item that has a WIC symbol on the tag but don’t participate in the WIC program, please choose a different brand or similar item 4) Smile! We can't share much right now, but we can certainly share a smile.

Greer’s Facebook Post, 3/14 Your local Greer’s is open regular business hours at this time. Greer’s Groceries to Go was voted Best Grocery Pick Up/Delivery last year and is available 24/7 to place orders for FREE curbside pickup at a number of our locations. We remain committed to you! Whether you shop in store or online, our team will be focused on providing you with a safe, healthy shopping experience. To shop online visit

LUSH By appointment only Starting Monday, March 23rd we will be open by appointment only until further notice. Please call if you want to discuss rescheduling an event or even need to pick up a furniture order, we are happy to meet one on one! Please come by today or tomorrow & get all the hand sanitizer, flowers, candles you may need to survive quarantine!! To schedule an appointment call us at 251-473-6121! Love y’all!! #nonessential #flowers #flowershop #candles

Stokley’s Garden Express on Government - Shop Outdoors, practice social distancing Clerks are cleaning checkout counter regularly

Starbuck’s DRIVE THRU, Shoppes of Midtown


Callaghan’s Update: We are open! Capacity limited to 50% to achieve distancing. Call in for curbside pickup 433-9374

Bay Gourmet Catering Dauphin at Broad (251) 450-9051 Thank you to all our customers who have been coming in and buying takeout meals. Your commitment to support us helps keep our employees with paychecks. That is the most important thing to us during this time of crisis. We are closed over the weekend and will be back on Tuesday. We will start making more options to fill our takeout selection with. We appreciate you all so very much!!

MO’BAY Beignet Company, Dauphin Street, message: *Closing Until Further Notice* Messasge from owner:

I woke up early this morning with one thought- Pray. I prayed for our city, our families, our businesses, our employees, our customers. Then I felt lead to read. The real facts, data, and information from reliable sources, the medical community, and first hand experiences from people living through this in other parts of the world that are weeks ahead of us in facing this virus. I have come to one conclusion, the wise and responsible thing to do at this time as the owner of Mo’Bay Beignet Co. is to close our doors until a full release is given by our leaders to operate at 100% again. Mo’Bay Beignet Co. has been open 6 (amazing) short weeks. I now have 19 employees, thousands of loyal fans and customers, and a bright future in our beautiful city.

My number one goal after the announcement of the COVID-19 pandemic was to stay open as long as possible to continue paying my valued staff and to keep providing my customers with the service and product they have come to love and to do so in the safest way possible.

It is clear to me now, however, that if even one of my customers or staff is exposed to this virus during our take out or curbside pickup, then I wasn’t being safe enough. The facts are in and the symptoms of having this virus may not appear for up to 21 days in carriers. It may also come and go like the flu for many, but for others, especially those with an already compromised immune system, it can be deadly.

There can be a thin line between fear and wisdom. Sometimes we hesitate on doing what’s wise because we don’t want to be fearful. However, with prayer and wise counsel, we can all make decisions that are based completely in wisdom and without any fear.

Wisdom tells me that for the safety of my staff, my customers, and the city, closing fully at this time is the decision that I should make. As a community, we may never know if we overreacted, but we will surely know if we didn’t react or respond enough. Thank you Mobile for an incredible first six weeks. I look forward to serving you all again in the very near future. Stay safe & well.

Blessings, Jaclyn Robinson, Owner Mo’Bay Beignet Co. #makingmobilesweeter #makingmobilesafer

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