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Welcome to the Leinkauf Historic District Neighborhood Organization. We hope you will use the menu bar above and click on the tabs to learn About LHDNO (the Leinkauf Story, Take a Photo tour), check out our Events, Join Us, and read our "Under the Oaks" News Blog.  This is the only official website representing  LHDNO and the actions of its Board.  



Congratulations to our new District 2 Councilman, Mr. William Carroll.




2022 Officers:

President - Tim Maness of Michigan Ave.

V. Pres. - Harold Bolton of West Street

Secretary - Anne Stafford of McDonald Ave.

Treasurer - John Gillis of West Street

New Area Representatives (even numbered, beginning 2022)

Area 2 - Jack McManmom of Monterey Street

Area 4 - Vacant at present, Board appointment pending

Area 6 - Vacant at present, Board appointment pending

Area 8 - Graham Jones of Michigan Avenue

Continuiing Representative (odd numbered, for new election  for 2023)

Area 1 - Joe Brown of Houston Street

Area 3 -  Jacob Thomas of West Street

Area 5 - Caroline Jumper of Tuttle Avenue

Area 7 - Jean Pitts of Stocking Street

Area 9 - Jake Smith of Ann Street


In neighborhood news, the Cindy Haber Foundation Board has been awarded approval by the Planning Commission and City Council, to go forward on their proposal to build an office complex on the vacant property fronting Government between Etheredge and Lafayette streets.




LHDNO General Membership Meetings for 2021 were suspended  due to the Covid-19 epidemic.  Stay tuned for 2022 Announcements.  The Board is working in committees on projects at this time.  Watch for the Lamppost newsletters.  The Board hopes to return to membership meetings soon.


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The LHDNO Mission is to honor the gift of our shared lives by elevating our Quality of Life, preserving historic properties, and nurturing the enduring legacy of our natural surroundings.

ELEVATE the Quality of of Life...

• PRESERVE AND RESTORE our historic  homes and properties

• WORK FOR a neighborly, connected, safe, and clean District

• ADVOCATE for high quality commercial design 

• WORK TO INFLUENCE nonresidential uses appropriate to our historic, residential character

• WORK TO PROTECT AND IMPROVE our natural greenways and built legacy

Though not having group meetings, your 2021 Board continued to work for you, and we ended 2021 with this "Top Ten" list of accomplishments:

  1.  We survived 2020-2021 !

  2.  Light Up Leinkauf:  The Battery Heights lighting project bid was let and awarded, and the timeline is now in the hands of the awardee, Bagby and Russell. We hope Councilman Carroll will help us insure that project stays alive!

  3. LHDNO Improvements: New LHDNO historic markers were purchased from signage sales, and installed on interior streets across the district by the city.

4.  Set future goals:  We continued to build our modest bank balance to a place which would allow us to seek a small “matching funds” grant for a special project in Leinkauf.  JOIN US TODAY AND GIVE US YOUR INPUT FOR SPECIAL PROJECTS!

5. Neighborhood Improvement:  Your Board has worked on several zoning projects that impact quality of life in Leinkauf:

     A.  New apartments, Fernbank, at the corner of Everett and Monroe, renovated and recovered a Historic apartment building and returned it to an attractive addition to the area.  Your LHDNO Board worked with the owner to gain his concessions and  supported his project.  If you recall, the Board opposed, and stopped, an earlier development at this site which would have offered cheap, short-term “studio” type

apartments without long term leasing.

     B.  Worked with Mr. Manzie, the Board gained his commitment for street and sidewalk repairs, and much work is being done now on Eslava toward that goal.  Other streets were on the list, and our hope is that we will gain Mr. Carroll’s support for those. 

     C.  The Board joined the Government Street Collaborativer and ODWA to work with the Cindy Haber Center (see update in this newsletter) to insure their B1 rezoning for Offices serves the surrounding neighborhood well.

      D.  The Board again joined forces with the Government Street Collaborative to work with the new operator of The Pillars, Ms Rebekah Persekian, to gain her cooperation for a Voluntary Exclusions Covenant at her B1 business to exclude future uses in that location which could be inappropriate for the Leinkauf Historic District.  We then supported Ms Persekian’s operational permitting for a Piano Lounge and Events

venue at that location, and we look forward to The Pillars rejoining the Leinkauf neighborhood.

6.  COMMUNICATIONS: Website at  UTILITIZED Next Door posts; CONTINUED “LHNDNO Lamppost” Newsletter; 

7.  PUBLIC RELATIONS WITH OFFICIALS:  The Board offered support to ODWA to host a Council campaign forum prior to

the election, and LHDNO funded refreshments for the event. Began planning other activities (more to follow).

8.  BUSINESS: Sought an Ad Hoc Elections Chair and brought forward a slate for new Board & Officers, elected via email.


10. FUNDRAISERS:  LHDNO Flag and commemorative signage sales.

11. Wrapped up 2021 AND PLANNED FOR 2022:  The Board continued handling business  from collecting dues to filling vacancies and keeping up with issues and developments impacting Leinkauf and advocating for our historic district.  


FLY YOUR FLAG!  THE LEINKAUF HISTORIC DISTRICT FLAGS are available again, and at a slightly lower cost of $48!  Email your interest in a flag to (Payment in advance is required for order/delivery), or  pay for your flag online with Paypal at the "Contact Us" tab.