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LHDNO and the Leinkauf School Partnership

Leinkauf Elementary School
We invite you to donate to LEINKAUF SCHOOL, to support our community school and its students. Leinkauf Historic District Neighborhood Organization contributes each year to provide support to the school. Additionally, donations can be made directly to LEINKAUF SCHOOL, through the Leinkauf Historic District Neighborhood Organization, by clicking the yellow Donate button below.
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Leinkauf Historic District Neighborhood Organization became a primary partner with Leinkauf Elementary School in 2016 when they applied for the 21st Century Learning Center Grant (CCLC). Though the 3-year CCLC grant has now ended, the LHNDO Board will continue to contribute to the school's vision and help provide funds or resources for other needs.

The beautiful Leinkauf school building located between Monroe and Church Streets in our neighborhood is a landmark.  Restored to its original facade after a fire, the lovely arched entry door was selected as our LHDNO signature logo, appearing on our historic district street signage, flags, and other commemoratives.

LHDNO looks forward to a continuing and positive relationship with Leinkauf school.

As primary partners with Leinkauf Elementary School, the Leinkauf Neighborhood Organization is reaching out to the community to help us in our continued support for years to come.

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