Details of "membership" are found in the LHDNO By-Laws, linked on Home Page, & also in the Newsletters & Other Docs tab.

By Laws: "Dues payments may be paid at any time, but are not pro-rated. Full payment of the annual dues will entitle the Member to full membership privileges...." Election procedures on Home Page herein: "You must be a current member in good standing (2021 [current] dues paid) to nominate, run, or vote." 

3 Ways to Join:Join here, Join at Meetings, Join by US Mail

Dues paid are applicable to the current calendar year thru December 31.

I.  Join online right now...*1.Fill in form below; 2.Click send; 3.Click yellow "Buy Now" Paypal  button to pay dues   (Scroll down for 2 MORE WAYS, BELOW).


              *Click Yellow "Buy Now" PayPal Button HERE  to pay SINGLE $25 dues:

*OR Click "Buy Now" Paypal Button HERe to pay HOUSEHOLD/2ADULTS $40 dues: 

Thanks! Don't forget to click PayPal to pay dues and finish membership.


Come to the Next Meeting and join at the Membership Table.  Check or Debit/Credit.


III. U.S. Mail in your check to LHDNO by doing this:
        A. Click/Print this Membership form &  complete it.
             (click; when form comes up, use your task bar print option on your computer)             
        B. Mail check with form to:   LHDNO
                                                          P.O. Box 40091
                                                          Mobile, Al 36640