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This is Leinkauf

The LHDNO Mission is to honor the gift of our shared lives by elevating our Quality of Life, preserving historic properties, and nurturing the enduring legacy of our natural surroundings.

ELEVATE the Quality of of Life...

• PRESERVE AND RESTORE our historic  homes and properties

• WORK FOR a neighborly, connected, safe, and clean District

• ADVOCATE for high quality commercial design 

• WORK TO INFLUENCE nonresidential uses appropriate to our historic, residential character

• WORK TO PROTECT AND IMPROVE our natural greenways and built legacy

LEINKAUF is quiet tree-lined streets...cozy cottages and sturdy bungalows...galleried two-story colonials and the grander homes on Government Street.   Families relax on the shaded porches of an earlier era, greeting dog walkers and runners, and on fall's college football Saturdays, the crowds headed for a Ladd Stadium game. This is Leinkauf.  Enjoy our photo tour. (click photo for full screen view)

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